Centre for the Book is a national monument which is situated in the Company’s Gardens in Cape Town. Inside the structure is the Edwardian venue where the summer school will be hosted. This Edwardian building first opened in 1913 as the headquarters of the now-defunct University of Good Hope. More recently it has become an annex of the National Library of South Africa.

All lectures for the summer school will be held at the Centre for the Book. Places for food and drink (restaurants, markets, etc.) are located in the city center within walking distance from the program venue as well. The venue is in close proximity to a number of mosques which participants can visit after the program for prayers – these include the Jumu’ah Mosque of Cape Town, Palm Tree Masjid, Auwwal Masjid (which we will visit during our guided tours) and the Quwatul Islam Masjid.


Company’s Gardens

Company’s Garden is in Cape Town city centre. Home to historic buildings, museums, places of worship and an art gallery, it is also known as the Cape Town Gardens. The garden was originally created in the 1650s by the region’s first European settlers and provided fertile ground to grow fresh produce to replenish ships rounding the Cape. It is watered from the Molteno Dam, which uses water from the springs on the lower slopes of Table Mountain.

It is close to the Houses of Parliament and the Slave Lodge, once the residence of the slaves from Southeast Asia and East Africa who played a big part in building Cape Town as well as the Iziko South African Museum.

Nearby places of worship at the gardens include St George’s Cathedral (seat of South Africa’s Anglican Church, and site of many historic anti-apartheid rallies) and the Great Synagogue. There is also the Cape Town Holocaust Centre. Colonial statues of Sir George Gray, the Cape Colony’s governor from 1845 to 1862 and Cecil John Rhodes still stand in the Gardens. Very close to the Company’s Gardens is Bo Kaap – the historic area that became home to many Malay Muslims and freed slaves after the abolition of slavery.

Centre for the Book Links

Google map location: https://goo.gl/maps/7uTX55ErEmo

Address: 62 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town 8000

Website: http://www.nlsa.ac.za/index.php/centre-for-the-book-campus