Rudolph Ware III is a historian of Africa and Islam, and an Associate Professor in the Department of HIstory at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research spans the last thousand years, centering on West Africa, while reaching into the Mediterranean lands of Islam and the Atlantic worlds of the African Diaspora. Ware has been guided by the question

– “What has it meant to be an African Muslim?” This question has taken him across space and time to publish works on the histories of Qur’an schooling, Muslim Mysticism, Slavery and Abolition, and Islamic Devotional poetry. He has published two books – The Walking Quran: Islamic Education, Embodied Knowledge and History in West Africa and Jihad of the Pen: Sufi Literature of West Africa.

He is currently working on two book projects – Visionaries: Second Sight and Social Change in Islamic West Africa and The First Atlantic Revolution: Islam, Abolition and Republic in West Africa c. 1776.”