In accordance with the 2019 World Bank data on economic ranking, costs for the summer school are fixed to the economic levels of countries from which participants apply (i.e. where participants currently live and/or are based, whether due to academic affiliation or work, and regardless of whether the participants’ nationality/origins are elsewhere). Upon acceptance, an initial deposit of 100 Euros is required to secure one’s place in the summer school. The final due date for all costs to be paid will be 15 October 2019.”


6500 Rands : For South African citizens, permanent residents of South Africa and foreign students studying or working at a South African institution.

450 Euros : For Participants coming from the following countries:

  • All African Countries (excluding those located in South Africa as mentioned above)
    • Asian Countries – with the following exceptions: Brunei Darussalam, Hong Kong SAR, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Japan, Macau SAR, Singapore, Israel (excluding the occupied Palestinian territories), Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.
    • Latin American (South and Central American) Countries
    • and the following countries in wider Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine.

700 Euros : For participants coming from all other countries (countries not stipulated above and countries that form part of the exception clause).


The summer school committee has worked hard to ensure that the cost for the program is as low and economical as possible. All faculty members have also committed to teaching without receiving any honorarium for their services in order to keep the costs of registration low. The summer school is completely self-funded and depends on the tuition fees to run successfully.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer any scholarships. Participants are encouraged to apply to their institutions and other organisations for funding. Once a person is accepted to the program, we are able to provide letters of support for such funding, if required.

The cost is for tuition only as outlined on the structure page and does not include accommodation, subsistence, travel and any other costs. Participants are responsible for these costs. For those accepted to the program, a detailed packet with information concerning local accommodations and travel to/from the venue will be provided so that participants have information at their disposal to make a considered decision. Places for food and drink (restaurants, cafes, markets, etc.) are located within walking distance from the program venue.

Prior to acceptance, to help estimate costs, applicants are welcome to search prices on accommodation sites such as,, and The ideal accommodation will be located in or near the city centre of Cape Town (known as the “city bowl”) and our venue for the summer school, Centre for the Book. Yet, accommodations outside of this area – which may or may not be cheaper – are also good for considering. Applicants should also consider adding daily travel costs if they need to take a taxi, Uber or public transport from their accommodation’s location. Costs for accommodations, local travel to/from the venue and food can vary depending on participants’ tastes.

Sample price estimates for local travel around Cape Town are below (all prices in South African Rand):

1. Uber from the airport to the city centre is between R 150 and R 200
2. Uber to get around the inner city is between R 20 and R 50.
4. Uber between the city centre and surrounding suburbs is between R 100 – R 200.
5. MyCiti bus from the airport to the city centre is about R88. You may need to take a
taxi/uber from the bus stop to your accommodation.
6. MyCiti bus in and around the inner city is about R 12.
7. MyCiti bus from the city centre to surrounding suburbs is about R 16 – R 20 per trip.
8. The above are only estimates based on non-peak traffic times.
9. MyCiti bus has only has stops at the airport, the city centre and immediate surrounds (including Walmer estate / Woodstock), the Atlantic Seaboard and sections of the northern suburbs. There are no stops in the southern suburbs.

The above estimates are simply a guide and we are not responsible for providing accurate transport costs. Applicants are advised to check the Uber fare estimate calculator ( and the MyCiti fare calculator (

For up to date currency exchange rates you may consult the online currency exchange rate conversion site